Answers Integration Guide
This guide will walk you through how to integrate Yext Answers onto your website.

Please note: exact details and step-by-step of the integration instructions are subject to change. Please confirm with your Yext Administrator before moving forward with these instructions.

What’s in this guide:

Add or Replace Existing Search Bars

The key step to setting up Yext Answers on your website is to replace the existing search bars on your own website. Start here, as this is the required step to get Answers live.

Set up Conversion Tracking

Make sure you set up Conversion Tracking to get the most out of Answers.

Create Search Results Page

Optionally, if you want to host the Search Results Page on your own domain inside your CMS you can easily embed the search results page. Follow this guide to host the search results page on your domain. Yext can also take care of this for you and host it on your behalf.

Add Sitelinks Searchbox Schema

Optionally, add the Sitelinks Searchbox Schema to drive more traffic to your search from Google. This is a powerful feature that will get your Answers search to show up in Google for certain branded queries!

Optimize Site Design to Optimize for Search

Lastly, you should check out some design best practices to see how you might want to adjust your site to better work with Answers.