Learn About Our APIs

Yext’s APIs give you programmatic control of your brand’s knowledge, the people who manage it, and the places it appears to consumers.

Knowledge API

Your central control panel for all your knowledge — from name and address to holiday hours and the best parking entrance. Add or remove locations and update any fields that Yext supports from your console.

The Knowledge API is designed for all users and includes the following sets of endpoints:
· Knowledge Manager — add and update knowledge, including Yext-exclusive data formats like Featured Messages, Menus, Bios, and more.
· Listings — check the status of your listings and review suggestions from publishers
· Analytics — view data on how consumers view and find your listings
· Reviews — monitor reviews on your listings and respond to reviews on select sites
· Account Settings — view and manage settings in your account

For more information, see the Knowledge API documentation.

Examples of common use cases:
· Pull analytics data
· Manage location data
· Pull and respond to reviews
· Get listings status

Live API

With Yext’s low-latency location search capabilities, infuse your website and mobile apps with your up-to-date knowledge powered directly from the Yext Knowledge Engine. Rest assured you’ll always show the most updated data on your digital properties without IT support.

If your brand has its own custom location-based consumer experiences, like store locators or mobile apps, you can use the Live API to keep those touchpoints in sync with the newest information about all of your locations.

The Live API is designed for enterprises. To find out more, see the Live API documentation.

NOTE: Access to the Live API is available with the Pages product or as an add-on to your existing subscription. For pricing information, contact your Account Manager.

Administrative API

Grant agents, advisors, or franchisees access to the Yext Knowledge Engine. Update your Yext account  and obtain login tokens programmatically.

The Administrative API is designed for partners and lets you manage customer accounts, their subscriptions, and their profile-optimization tasks.

To learn more, see the Administrative API documentation.

Examples of common use cases:
· Create and manage customer accounts and subscriptions
· Connect SSO
(Enterprise clients: You can also implement SSO, but the enterprise version does not require the Administrative API. For more information, contact your Account Manager.)

NOTE: You need a sandbox account to test your Administrative API integration. Contact your Account Manager to have one created for you.