Yext Crawler

The Yext Crawler helps you automatically populate your Knowledge Graph based on websites that you can crawl.


The unique identifier for the Yext Crawler resource.


Specific value: ""

namestring Required

The display name of the crawler.


Default: true

If true, the crawler will run according to its crawl schedule.

crawlScheduleenum (of string)

Default: “weekly”

Defines how often the crawler will index the website.

Must be one of:

  • “once”
  • “daily”
  • “weekly”

crawlStrategyenum (of string)

Default: “subPages”

Specifies the crawl strategy of the crawler

Must be one of:

  • “allPages”
  • “subPages”
  • “specificPages”

domainsarray of string

A list of domains or URLs to crawl, e.g.

Must contain a minimum of 1 items

Each item of this array must be:

Type: string

blacklistedUrlsarray of string

Any URLs that match any regex rule in the list will be omitted from the crawl.

Each item of this array must be:

Type: string