$idstring Required

Must be at least 1 characters long

Must be at most 64 characters long

$schemaconst Required

Specific value: "https://schema.yext.com/config/graph/output/v1"

schemastring Required

The schema of the documents produced by this output.

Must match regular expression: ^https://schema.yext.com/schemas/

labelstring Required

The label of incoming data this output should apply to.

topicenum (of string)

The topic where data will be sent.

Must be one of:

  • “m4-graph-output”
  • “m4-pages”


The localization configuration.


Produce primary records to the output.

array of string

Produce records for these locales, if any values are provided.

Each item of this array must be:

Type: string

Valid BCP-47 locale identifiers.


What happens when a field in a localized record is not present?


Fall back to the primary record?


A map from record locale to the list of locales that should be fallen back to.