Icon Guidelines
All apps within the Yext App Directory need a simple and memorable icon that attracts attention. Your icon is the first opportunity to communicate — at a glance — your app’s unique identity.


Your icon does not need to include your brand logo. A symbol representing your brand or the app specifically is often more effective. If an icon’s content is overly complex, the details can be difficult to discern, especially at smaller sizes.

Use words only when they’re essential or part of a logo. An app’s name always accompanies the icon headline, so text within the icon is not necessary.

Keep the background simple and avoid white backgrounds, if possible. We recommend using your primary brand color or a gradient. Make sure your icon is opaque — icons containing transparency will not be accepted.




Don’t include photos, screenshots, or interface elements. Photographic details can be very difficult to see at small sizes. There will be a separate area within your app’s dedicated page to showcase screenshots.



Size and padding

The icon should be a minimum of 480px square. Ensure that the padding around your focal element is a minimum of 10% of the size of your icon. For example, for an icon that is 480px square, you would need a minimum of 48px padding around all sides.



Corners and borders

Keep icon corners square, and let your background color go to the edge. Do not add borders.





File type

JPG and PNG files are accepted. No transparency. No animations.