App Directory Submission Checklist
Before submitting your app to the App Directory, make sure you can answer “Yes” to the questions below. Doing so will maximize the chances of your app being approved by the App Directory Review Team.

Test your app thoroughly

🗅 Does the account-linking (OAuth) process work correctly?
🗅 Will users be able to use the app with the permissions you requested?
🗅 Is your app using all of the permissions you requested?

Review your app information

🗅 Is your app’s name in line with your brand?
🗅 Is the app description helpful? Can users understand what your app is?

Review your app experience

🗅 Do customers know what the app does after installing it?
🗅 Is your app easy to use?
🗅 If the OAuth fails, is it easy for the user to know what went wrong and restart the process?
🗅 Does the app need any configuration? If so, is it easy to configure? Are there instructions?

Review your customer support experience

🗅 Are the correct people monitoring messages sent to your Customer Support Email?

Review our policies

🗅 Does your app follow the Yext Developer Account Terms and Conditions and adhere to the Yext Privacy Policy?
🗅 If your app uses the Yext brand, does it follow our brand guidelines?