Fall ’20 API Updates

We are constantly updating and improving our APIs to help you improve your integrations with Yext. With the Fall 2020 Release, we’re excited to share our most recent updates.

What’s New?

Updates to Google Fields: List endpoint

We’ve added support for two new query parameters on the Google Fields: List endpoint – clientCategoryId and countryCode. Using the clientCategoryId query parameter will filter response results to only includes the Google Fields that are supported for the provided category. For each Google Field in the response, the field clientCategoryIds will be included, representing the array of category IDs that are supported by that Google Field.

Using the countryCode query parameter will filter the response for only Google Fields that are available in the provided country. The countryCode query parameter accepts a two-character ISO 3166-1 country code.

To learn more, see Google Fields: List endpoint documentation in Knowledge API v2.

Update to Comment: Create endpoint

The Comment: Create endpoint now returns the ID of the resource that has been created. This ID can be used as the commentId when using the Comment: Update and Comment: Delete endpoints. Previously, integrations had to make an additional call to the Reviews: Get endpoint to retrieve commentIds.

For examples and more information, see the Comment endpoints documentation in Knowledge API v2.

privacyPolicyOverride Field Renamed to privacyPolicy

As of October 2020, we require that customers provide a Review Generation Privacy Policy in order to send review invitations. You will need to provide your own privacy policy, as the privacy policy explicitly concerns how you will be using the generated review content. Previously, the Privacy Policy was pre-filled, and you had the option to override the default policy with your own. In accordance with these changes, privacyPolicyOverride has been renamed privacyPolicy for the Review Generation endpoints.

Want to learn more? Visit the Hitchhikers Community discussion on Reviews API Updates.

New Dimensions and Filters Supported in Analytics Endpoints

This release, Analytics has introduced API support for more metrics and dimensions. These are available for use with the Analytics Create Reports API endpoint.

  • Filter and Dimension supported for ANSWERS_HAS_KG_RESULTS. This indicates whether results were returned from content in the Knowledge Graph or not for an Answers search.
  • Filter and Dimension supported for VALUE_PROPOSITION. This represents the two current value propositions outlined in Conversion Tracking that are aligned to a specific set of Conversion Types – Revenue Generating and Cost Savings.
  • Dimension supported for ANSWERS_VERSION_LABEL. This was previously only available as a filter.
  • Dimension supported for TRAFFIC_SOURCE. This was previously only available as a filter.
  • Filter supported for MEDIUM, which was previously only available as a dimension.
  • Filter supported for ANSWERS_SEARCH_TERM, which was previously only available as a dimension.

To learn more about the Analytics endpoints, please see the Analytics section of our Hitchhikers Community or the Knowledge API v2 documentation.


If you would like more information about any of these features, or if you need assistance using them, please ask a question in our Hitchhikers Community or contact our API support team.