Spring ‘20 API Updates

This release, we’re excited to announce some awesome updates to the API. Our goal, as always, is to help developers maximize the value of Yext.

What’s New?

Rich Text Formatting

A new Rich Text field type is now available when creating custom fields. You can set the content for a Rich Text type field via the Entities: Create and Entities: Update endpoints of the Knowledge API v2 using HTML, markdown or plain text. To fetch the content for a Rich Text type field via Entities: List or Entities: Get, you can use the new format query parameter to specify one of the following:
  • “markdown”
  • “html”
  • “none”
If the parameter is not specified, the default format returned will be markdown. To learn more about interacting with Rich Text fields in the API, see the Entities endpoints sections in the Knowledge API documentation.

User-Specified Translations for Custom Field Names, Types, and Entity Types

With this release, users can now assign translations to specific user-generated inputs they’ve created in our platform. These user-specified translations are supported in the API in the Custom Fields: Update, Custom Fields: Create, and Custom Fields: Get endpoints, using a new translations field in the request and response bodies, where the developer can set specific language codes and their corresponding translation string.  For examples and more information on support for user-specified translations in the API, see the Custom Field endpoints section in Knowledge API documentation.

Invitation ID added to Review: Get and Reviews: List endpoints

The Review: Get and Reviews: List Knowledge API v2 endpoints have been updated to include the Invitation ID field. This field is present for 1st party reviews which were generated via text or email invitation. To learn more about the Reviews endpoints, please see the Knowledge API v2 documentation.

Changes To Google Attributes For Hotels

As announced in the Fall of last year, we are changing our approach to Google Attributes for Hotels to better align with Google. For more information about the changes to Google attributes for Hotels, please see our attributes blog post.


If you would like more information about any of these features, or if you need assistance using them, please contact our API support team.