Fall ’19 API Updates

Each release, our goal is to help developers maximize the value of Yext through the use of our APIs. We’re excited to announce that our APIs now include the following features and enhancements.

New Features

Conversion Tracking Analytics

Conversion Tracking is a new feature that allows customers to track their brand’s performance in terms of clicks and conversions. Users can pull their Conversion Tracking analytics via the analytics API.

To learn more about the additions to the analytics API, see the Analytics API documentation.

Fetch Option Display Names via API

We’ve added the ability to fetch display names of option values for Single-Option Select and Multi-Option Select fields using the displayNames and displayNamesLanguage query parameters. These new query parameters make it possible to choose whether the display names or the programmatic names are returned, thereby increasing usability.

The new query parameters can be used on various Entities and Entity Language Profiles endpoints in both the Knowledge API and the Live API. To learn more, visit the Knowledge API and Live API documentation.

Partner Scan Result Metrics API

We’ve added a new API endpoint for Partners to be able to extract whitelabel scan metrics from the API. The new available metrics are:

  • Overall listings inaccuracy
  • Comparative reviews performance

Partners can extract these performance metrics and use them to replicate identical scan models with their clients.

To learn more about the new endpoint, reach out to your Client Success Manager.


Support for new built-in entity types

As part of our mission to expand the capabilities of the Yext Knowledge Graph, we’ve added three new built-in entity types to Knowledge Graph this release. The three entity types are FAQ, Hotel, and Job. Support for these new built-in entity types is available in the API.

New API Fields and Field Values

We’ve added the following fields to our APIs:

  • Impressum Field
  • Accepts Reservations Field
  • Facebook Username Field
  • Facebook Location Descriptor Field
  • Facebook Name Field


If you would like more information about any of these features, or if you need assistance using them, please contact our API support team.