Spring ’19 API Updates


With each Release, we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to maximize the value of the Yext Knowledge Engine and Knowledge Network through the use of our APIs. We’re excited to announce that our APIs now include the following features and enhancements.

New Features

Entity Listings endpoints and webhook

To accommodate the new types of Entity data that can be synced with publishers in the Yext Knowledge Network, we have added Entity Listings endpoints to our Knowledge API. With the Entity Listings: List endpoint, you can retrieve information about the status of each listing, along with an explanation of why it may not be live. The Entity Listings: Delete endpoint allows you to remove a listing from a publisher or, if deletion is not supported, stop data from being synced to it. We’ve also created an Entity Listings webhook, which sends information about updated Entity Listings to the location you specify.

Please note that the Entity Listings endpoints and webhook can currently only be used to manage listings for Events, with compatibility with other Entity types to be added in the future.

More information about the Entity Listings endpoints can be found in the Knowledge API documentation. To learn more about the Entity Listings webhook, refer to the Webhook documentation.

Review Labels: Update endpoint

Prior to this release, adding labels to reviews was possible only within the Yext platform. With the addition of the Review Labels: Update endpoint, you can now use the Knowledge API to add any label you’ve created in the Yext platform to your reviews.

To learn more about the Review Labels: Update endpoint, see the Knowledge API documentation.


Ability to filter Entities by business hours

With the rise of mobile and voice search, an increasing number of searches are performed at the moment of intent. In these searches, business-hour information can help customers decide which locations they can visit at any given time. To enable consumers to search your entities by their business hours, we’ve added the Hours filter type to the Entities: GeoSearch and Entities: List endpoints in the Live API, and the Entities: List endpoint in the Knowledge API. The filter considers all business hours that have been added to your Entities, including holiday hours. When the “now” keyword is entered in the filter, users can search for Entities that are open or closed now or a specified time relative to now.

A full description of the Hours filter and its options can be found in the Knowledge API documentation and the Live API documentation.

Option to focus GeoSearch results on a particular country

The addition of the countryBias parameter to the Live API’s Entities: GeoSearch endpoint allows you to specify a country that you would like the search to give preference to when generating its results. It can also be used in combination with the geocoderBias parameter to retrieve even more targeted results in the response.

Please note that specifying a countryBias value does not guarantee that the returned Entities will be located in the country provided.

To learn more about the Entities: GeoSearch endpoint, see the Live API documentation.

Ability to filter Listings by Entity type

As the number of Entity types you manage with Yext continues to grow, so does the number of Knowledge Network publishers you can sync your information to. To make it easier for you to find information about the publishers you’re subscribed to, we added the entityType parameter to the Publishers: List endpoint, which allows you to filter your results to show only those publishers that support the Entity types you specify. For example, to find publishers that support locations or events, you would enter “LOCATION,EVENT” as the entityType parameter in your request.

For more information about the Publishers: List endpoint, refer to the Knowledge API documentation.

Analytics enhancements

The following metrics values are available when sending requests to the Create Reports endpoint:


We also made changes to two of our dimensions values:

  • The “PARTNERS” value can be used for all Reviews-related metrics values.
  • The “RATINGS” value can also be used for all Reviews-related metrics values, with the exception of “CUMULATIVE_RATING”.

To learn more about these updates, see our Knowledge API documentation.

New API fields and field values

We’ve added the following fields and field values to our APIs:

Entity images:

  • thumbnails – Alternate versions of the image in various sizes generated by Yext

Location, Restaurant. Healthcare Professional, and Healthcare Facility Entities:

  • frequentlyAskedQuestions – a list of questions that are frequently asked about this entity
  • facebookCallToAction – designates the Facebook Call-to-Action button text and value

Valid values for the paymentOptions field:


Review Invitations:

  • language – the ISO 639-1 code of the review invitation’s language

Menu items:

  • allergens – a list of allergens associated with the menu item.
  • featuredItem – indicates whether the item is a featured item on the menu


  • displayPreferredLanguage – user’s preferred display language in the Yext platform
  • emailPreferredLanguage – user’s preferred email language


If you would like more information about any of these features, or if you need assistance using them, please contact our API support team.