Alternate Language Profile Field and Control Character Changes


In an effort to improve the overall customer experience, we will be changing the way we validate certain values stored in the Yext Knowledge Manager. This post describes the adjustments developers will need to make to accommodate these changes.

Addresses in Alternate Language Profiles

What’s changing

Currently, customers using the Entity Language Profiles: Upsert or Language Profiles (Legacy): Upsert endpoints are able to edit individual subfields of address in Alternate Language Profiles, even if doing so would result in an invalid address being contained in the address field. Beginning April 21, when updating address in an Alternate Language Profile, the resulting address value stored in that Profile must represent a valid address.

What you need to do

Before April 21, ensure that when updating address values in Alternate Language Profiles, the address value stored in each Profile contains a full, valid address.

Control characters in API fields

Beginning April 21, we will no longer be able to accept the majority of characters in Unicode category Cc (“Other, control”) in our API fields.

Specifically, with the exception of U+0009 (horizontal tab), U+000A (line feed), and U+000D (carriage return), submitting the following Unicode code points when updating your business knowledge will result in an error response:

  • U+0000–U+001F
  • U+007F
  • U+0080–U+009F

What you need to do

Prior to April 21, review your integrations to ensure that none of the invalid characters listed above are included in your API requests.


If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our API support team.