Spring ’18 API Updates


The digital knowledge you can manage about your business with Yext is dynamic, and it’s critical that you can easily search and add to that knowledge as it changes. With that in mind, we’ve included the following API enhancements in the Spring ’18 Release.

Ability to flag first-party reviews

The new flagStatus field in the Review data model allows you to flag questionable reviews that you’ve received in response to review invitations. For example, you may want to flag reviews that contain inappropriate content or that aren’t relevant to the location being reviewed. You can flag a review by sending a request to the Knowledge API’s Review: Update endpoint and updating the flagStatus field to indicate why the review should not be published.

To learn more about the flagStatus field and its valid values, see the Knowledge API documentation.

Additional information about listings issues in Listings: List responses

Occasionally, issues arise that may cause a Listing to have an “UNAVAILABLE” status or to have a warning message in its statusDetails field. The new actionable attribute of the statusDetails field indicates whether you can resolve the issue causing that status or message. This information, along with the other statusDetails attributes, can help you to troubleshoot problems with your listings.

More information about the attributes of statusDetails can be found in the Knowledge API documentation.

Support for the “all” macro added to Listings: List endpoint

Partners sending requests to the Listings: List endpoint in the Knowledge API can now include the all macro in their request URLs. With this macro, Partners are able to retrieve listings information for all of their sub-accounts with a single API request.

For more details about the all macro, see our Policies and Conventions. To learn more about the listings information included in Listings: List responses, see the Knowledge API documentation.

Retrieve Listings with particular statuses

We’ve added a statuses parameter to the Listings: List endpoint, which allows you to retrieve Listings that have the status values you specify. For example, to see which listings may require you to take action before they can go live, you can set the statuses parameter to “WAITING_ON_CUSTOMER,UNAVAILABLE” in your request.

To learn more about Listing statuses, see the Knowledge API documentation.

Additional filter options in Locations: List and Locations: GeoSearch requests

The filters parameter in the Live API’s Locations: List and Locations: GeoSearch requests now allows you to filter your results by the values of the fields listed below. These filter options are also available in Locations: Search requests in the Knowledge API.

  • alternateProfileLanguage
  • lastUpdated
  • fieldsWithData
  • fieldsWithoutData
  • reviewCount
  • averageRating
  • notInFolder
  • locationType
  • gender
  • degrees
  • experiences
  • yearCompleted
  • acceptingNewPatients
  • firstName
  • middleName
  • lastName
  • officeName
  • certifications
  • institutionName
  • insuranceAccepted
  • admittingHospitals
  • subscriptions
  • facebookAccounts
  • foursquareAccounts
  • googleplusAccounts
  • labels

For more information about filtering options, see the Knowledge API documentation and Live API documentation.

New Location fields

We’ve added the following fields to the Location data model:

  • attire – the formality of clothing typically worn at the location
  • priceRange – the typical price of products sold at this location, on a scale of 1 (low) to 4 (high)
  • locatedIn – for ATMs, the ID of the location that the ATM is present in


If you would like more information about any of these features, or if you need assistance using them, please contact our API Support team.