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Yext's pre-built APIs give you programmatic control of your brand's location data, the people who manage it, and the places it appears to consumers.

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Location is everything.

Your business depends on mobile consumers finding their way to your front door with rich, accurate, and real-time information on every map, app, site, search engine, and device they use. Now, extend the value of that data by bringing it into your projects and apps.

Be your brand’s location hero.

When you open a new store, how do you ensure call center representatives have the accurate address? Does your POS system print the correct store hours on receipts, so customers know when they can make returns? With Yext’s reliable, low-latency APIs, ensure all your internal systems stay on the same page — and save your company time, money, and hassle in the process.

Trust the experts.

At Yext, we're passionate about helping brands deliver accurate location data to customers when and where they need it. It’s why 800,000 businesses use the Yext Location Cloud. Yext’s proven expertise, scalability, and support give developers the confidence to leverage the power of location in their projects and apps.